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Save a Dime and DIY

My most recent, inexpensive, and easy DIY projects!

Have you ever found something really cute while shopping and thought it was only $15 or $20, but really was $100 more than what you expected?  I definitely have, and to me, it always seems like those are the pieces that I feel like I could make myself.

Do it yourself projects have become extremely popular over the years.  With the comeback of hand-made crafts, DIY projects have proven to be an enjoyable and successful way to save money.  I have resorted to DIY projects as a way to make jewelry and imitate other products.  To me, the feeling of saving money is the best feeling in the world.

DIY Friendship Bracelet:
One day while browsing Etsy, I came across the Doloris Petunia shop.  The designer was selling gorgeous Swarovski crystal friendship bracelets, but of course they retailed for $85 which I thought was outrageous.  I was definitely not going to purchase a friendship bracelet for that much money, so I decided to make one myself.

Colored string: $.59 x 4 = $2.36
Swarovski crystal strands: $1.29
Michael’s coupon: 40% off one item ($1.29 x $.40 = $.51) $1.29 – $.51 = $.78
Total: 2.36 + .78 = $3.14

I found this great website with an informative tutorial on how to make friendship bracelets.  Making the bracelet only took me a couple of hours and looks just as good as a Doloris Petunia bracelet.  I saved a total of $81.86 by making my own.

DIY Febreze:
My next DIY project was making my own Febreze.  I first saw this idea on Pintrest and thought it was genius.  Febreze is an expensive product and retails for about $5.59.  All I needed for the DIY Febreze was water, liquid fabric softener, and baking soda.

Water: Free
Liquid fabric softener (a 41 oz. bottle can be used 20.5 times!): $5
Baking soda (a 16 oz box can be used 96 times!): $1
Total: $6

Although the total is more than a bottle of Febreze, I could make more than one batch!  I mixed 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup liquid softener, and 1 tsp. baking soda together in a spray bottle, shook it, and started spraying away!  My apartment smelled so fresh and clean and I knew I would never have to buy real Febreze ever again!

DIY Pomander Cupcake Liner Centerpiece:
My latest DIY project was for an assignment in my event planning class.  I had to plan a wedding on a tight budget and decided to make my own non-floral centerpieces because flowers are extremely expensive.  I found an easy tutorial on how to make a Pomander centerpiece made out of cupcake liners.

Cupcake liners: $3
Styrofoam ball: $3
Glue gun: None (I already had one)
Pins: $2.59
Total:  $8.59

This project was so easy it only took me about five minutes to do.  My teacher ended up loving my DIY wedding and I was able to use my DIY Pom ball as decoration in my apartment!

The next DIY project I want to do is a do it yourself Bumble and Bumble Surf spray.  From what I have read, all Bumble and Bumble hair products are highly recommended and are used in all salons.  The Surf spray is supposed to make your hair look effortless which is what I love.  I can’t wait to try it out!

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