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January is National Hot Tea Month

The reasons to drink tea seems to get longer every year, and health experts such as Dr. Oz and Dr. Andrew Weil agree that we should all be drinking alot more tea.

The benefits of tea include:

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• antioxidants that can help protect you from aging, pollution and has general over-all health benefits
• calorie-free
• polyphenols which fight cancer
• speeds up your metabolism
• warms you up on a cool day, but can also cool you off on a hot day
• has soothing, relaxing herbs and scents that can provide a calming effect
• inexpensive

With all these benefits join me in a daily hot cup of tea this January and celebrate National Hot Tea Month – and possibly ward off pesky germs.

My 5 Favorite Tea Shops

Some of my favorite tea shops have online stores: where I can get teas delivered right to my door, and save money while shopping online!

1. Teavana: I first started buying Teavana at their shops in malls, but I like the convenience of ordering online.

2. Mighty Leaf: I’ve been buying Mighty Leaf at the grocery, and I’m a big fan of their green teas and fruit flavored teas.

3. Stash: Stash seems to be popular with many of the hotels I stay at, so I always associated their teas with luxury. I’m a huge fan of the lemon ginger tea: affordable luxury!

4. American Tea Room: With a large variety of tea types, gifts, and accessories American Tea Room is perfect for gifts of tea… and for me too!

5. Teatulia: Organic teas by Teatulia are grown in a single garden, assuring purity and freshness.

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