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How to Make a Gift Card Tree

A gift card tree is an easy, creative gift for many occasions. Here is how to make one in 5 easy steps!


Step 1: Collect your supplies

  • Basket - Any type you like
  • Small tree branch – Make sure it has limbs suitable for hanging things on.
  • Gift cards – Any type you like. A cool variation would be to use scratch off lottery tickets.
  • Ribbon – These are to tie around the branches to give them a little color.
  • Large paper clips – These are for attaching the gift cards to the branches.
  • Candy filling – Pick something your gift recipient likes.
  • Florist styrofoam – Make sure it’s small enough to fit into the basket, but large enough to support your branch.
  • Duct tape or glue

Step 2: Assemble your tree
Secure the florist styrofoam to the bottom of the basket with the tape or glue. Stick the bottom of your tree branch into the florist styrofoam.

Step 3: Fill your basket
After your tree is secure in the basket, fill the rest of the basket with the candy.

Step 4: Add the gift cards
Attach each gift card to the branches with one of the large paperclips (make sure to distribute them evenly so it doesn’t fall over).

Step 5: Decorate
Cut your ribbon between 4 and 6 inches then tie bows around a few of the branches. Feel free to add any other decoration you’d like!

Now that’s how you make a gift card tree!


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