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HaveDeals’ Top 25 Favorite Mommy Bloggers

We’ve spent weeks searching for great Mommy bloggers that will not only influence you to be the best Mom you can be, but Moms that you can learn from with stories of hardships, to juggling a loving family, all while helping others along the way.

These Moms are entertaining and enlightening and you will find their blogs feature everything from family stories, to DIY projects, to product reviews, to ways that you and your family can save money.

So sit back and take a read, as we introduce to you to our Top 25 Mommy Bloggers. Let’s start with our #1 pick.

1. Four Plus an Angel
Jessica has some really amazing stories about her challenges with motherhood and her family which I’m so glad she shares with everyone. She’s very inspiring and when reading her posts you will find yourself hanging on every word she says.

2. werdyab
If we had to say one thing about Amanda’s blog, it would be hilarious. You can’t not read her posts and literally LOL. But don’t take our word for it, take a read yourself!

3. Thrifty Nifty Mommy
Thrifty Nifty Mommy’s blog is all about product reviews, but not just any product reviews: she’s all about helping make life easier and saving you money. Oh, she has some great giveaways too!

4. Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva
This domestic diva has over 50,000 followers on Facebook and we know why. Her post are real, rare, and true; and trust us they will give you a good laugh that lots of Mommas will enjoy at the end of a long day.

5. Sellabit Mum
We find ourselves reading one post and then other, and before you know it you feel like you’ve been friends with this Minnesota Mom for years. We really enjoy the humor she finds in parenting.

6. Break For Moms
Break For Moms has been getting nominated all over the web for being a Top Mommy Blog, and we couldn’t agree more. We love that each review seems very carefully selected for her blog, and they’re all cute kid friendly products too!

7. Meaningful Mama
We love Meaningful Mama’s blog because of all the great DIY projects that she does with her children. She really does make each day meaningful with her children, and we love that!

8. The Mom Creative
Jessica’s blog really has it all and that’s exactly why she made the list. You can search her blog for everything from tips on marriage to scrap-booking to finding ways to save your family money.

9. Prettify Your Life
You can definitely prettify your life with Angela’s blog. We love her really creative DIY projects and fun giveaways. You’ll find some great crafts that you and your kids will love to do together!

10. OurKidsMom
The first thing you will see on OurKidsMom are tons of great giveaways. But that’s not all… browse her blog to see great recipes, DIY projects: all are fantastic ideas for your family.

11. Mommy Moment
Some blogs take a team to run and there’s a great team behind Mommy Moment. We enjoy all their posts from a cartoonist on Saturday mornings, to gluten-free recipes, to posts from their family friend, a Parenting Consultant.

12. Moments that Define Life
We really enjoying reading Nicole’s parenting posts, she’s had dramatic and great life experiences and we’re glad she shares them with all of us. P.S. we really love her Idol Interviews as well!

13. Literal Mom
Missy’s blog made our list because we love Moms that can just be real and give you good advice on all types of topics from motherhood, to being a wife, to how to be a better you. We enjoy how each post becomes a story, a story that everyone can relate to some way or another.

14. San Diego Momma
This Momma might live in San Diego but she’s truly a women that everyone can relate too. She shares stories of not only how it feels to be a parent but just on being a women. If you really want to get inspired read her Prompt Tuesday posts.

15. These Four No More
Our favorite thing about Jennifer’s blog is the photography. Her family is adorable! We just love reading about her family, her Mommy tips, and managing a blended family.

16. Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House
Dee’s blog is full of a little of everything from easy recipes to great product reviews on kids toys, which could come in really handy around the holidays.

17. The Crazy House Reviews
Sarah’s blog is just so genuine, we enjoy reading all her posts and she has some great giveaways that we think all Moms (and their kids) would enjoy.

18. New Old School
We love these posts of making recipes and DIY projects the old-school way. It’s very refreshing and we think that everyone will find something they love on this blog.

19. The TRUTH About Motherhood
This blog is one of our favorites because it’s full of great advice. She talks about it all, from how anyone can be a great blogger to advice on health, marriage, and stories of motherhood.

20. Mommy Goggles
Get your Mommy fix with a little of everything on Mommy Goggles. We love her posts on being a mom and the challenges that come with it; and then she mixes in some great giveaways for your family.

21. Mom Start
This is one of our favorite blogs for getting our daily fix. Grab your coffee and read this blog for great quick and easy recipes, reviews on movies for your family, and enter to win some fabulous giveaways.

22. Our Ordinary Life
This blog might be called Our Ordinary Life but you won’t find anything ordinary about it. We enjoy browsing all the categories featuring giveaways, all things baby, great reviews on popular products and yummy recipes.

23. The Mommy-Files
Our favorite thing about this blog is not the amazing giveaways (that are almost daily): it’s all the fun things you can read about to do with your family. Get some really fun ideas for trips or fun things to do with kids and turn your weekends into great family memories.

24. Mommy’s Memorandum
The Mommy Memorandum mixes a little of everything from product reviews to recipes. This mommy blogger enjoys the outdoors and you can definitely see that in her posts!

25. Hey Lorri
Top Mommy Blogger, Hey Lorri, has great reviews on all products from book reviews to coffee but our favorite thing about Lorri’s blog is the NELLIE tab, we think her pet product reviews are the best!

Congratulations to all the blogs that made our list!
What do you think of HaveDeals’ Top 25 Mommy Bloggers? Do you have any favorites from our list?

If you think we missed a great mommy blog or you have one that you think we should know about please leave the name and URL in the comments below!

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