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DIY Halloween Costume: The Lamp from A Christmas Story

Looking for a Halloween costume that cheap and easy to do, and something that is sure to be different from what everyone else is wearing at the party? How about being The Lamp from A Christmas Story? Different and creative right? If you like this idea, see how you make this quick and easy costume for Halloween.

How to Make The Lamp from A Christmas Story

You will need:
  • A black t-shirt or black turtle neck
  • Black fishnet stockings
  • Black high heel shoes
  • A white, beigh, or yellow lampshade that is large enough to fit over you hips
  • Black fringe – to go around the lampshade

1. Find your lampshade and make sure it fits over yourself and is covering your hips.

2. Use a glue gun to attach the black fringe to bottom of lampshade.

3. Use some pliers to remove the metal that is inside the lampshade, careful that you don’t leave sharp metal inside that could scratch or cut you. You can also use something like a band-aide to quickly to cover those sharp edges.

4. Put on your black shirt, stockings, heels, and put on your lampshade, and you’re ready to go.

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This is a great girl’s costume, but also a really fun guy’s costume! If you don’t like what you see here check out our other Top DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults.

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Happy Halloween

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